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Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death I fear no evil!    Ps. 23
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In our class, our students learn that the “Good News,” which Jesus came to remind everyone about, was/is that “God loves us, no matter what!”  It is a concept, a TRUTH, that can make a huge difference, not only in our lives, but those of the whole world.
And yet, we know that there are times when we really struggle with our own self worth, with the atrocities the world throws upon us, and even in our belief in God.
So, more than ever, those are the times we need to remember that GOOD NEWS!
God loves us, no matter what!
So, what are some ways that we can realistically help ourselves to do that remembering?
Well, we can carry small cross or a rosary in our pocket.  We can wear a crucifix or a saint’s medal on a necklace.  There are even rings with a cross or a crucifix on them to help remind us of God’s love.
And if we don’t have or can’t obtain one of these “Sacramentals” here’s another way…
Remember, in His time, Jesus had to do a lot of walking.  There were no cars or planes or even bicycles to get around on.  (Funny, can you just picture Jesus and his disciples riding around on bicycle tours.)  So wherever Jesus went, he had to walk.  And it was a LOT of miles!
And maybe sometime we forget, sitting at our desks or our computers all day, but we DO have feet for walking, as well.
So, let’s sit down on the good old ground, and hold our feet, and give THANKS to God for those feet of ours.  To give God thanks for their shoes and socks and legs that help get them around safely.
Because, you know what, it’s not always that good for everyone. . .  (lead in to story)
There once was a man who constantly complained that he didn’t like his shoes…
Until he met someone who had none.
There once was a man who complained that he had no shoes…
Until he met someone who had no feet.
There once was a man who complained that he lost his feet in the war…
Until he met someone who was paralyzed from the neck down.
There once was a man who was totally paralyzed and thought that life was no longer worth living…
Until he saw a perfectly healthy young man take his own life.
You see, when we’re down and depressed, we tend to look down at the ground.
And what do we see?
So, to help us remember that incredible love of Jesus, of God for us, we’re going to put a symbol of His Love, right there, where we gaze in our depression, on our feet, on our shoes!
And remembering that Good News of how INCREDIBLY much God loves us, when we’re feeling down, that reminder will bring us back to His JOY!
And whether we have these hearts on our shoes or not, our shoes, our LOVESHOES will always remind us of God’s Love for us!

THERE then, is the key, the PASSWORD,
to entering our class lessons,
if you are wise and observant!

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